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  • Must be over 18 years of age to play in the World Pro Poker. ID must be shown if necessary


  • The Latest time a player can play any WPP event is to the end of 1st set of blinds
  • No player will be permitted to play on commencement of game after 1st set of blinds
  • No player is permitted to play under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Bring a new player to receive a bonus 5,000 chip only applys to freeroll events
  • On the opening of a new venue new player bonus is not valid
  • Birthdays: Show ID to TD’s & receives a bonus 5,000 chip only on freeroll
  • Bonus $10K for meals apply until end 1st set of blinds, players must redeem meal bonus prior to sitting at the table


  • Players will not be permitted to play if they arrive after 1st set of blinds (25Min)


  • Once play has commenced late comers will not be permitted to play on arrival events doors close 30 minutes prior to commencement of event
  • Only 1 chip up card is received which must be redeemed before commencement of event


  • 5,000 starting stack varies on buyin or freerolls events
  • Blinds will start at 100-200
  • At the end of the 100-200 blinds 1st card will be taken (bonus 5,000)
  • 3 lucky draws will be called out for bonus 5,000
  • 1st break after 300-600 blinds 10 Minutes
  • 2nd break after 2000-4000 blinds
  • Top 32 make points, only if over 70 players, top 17 gain points below 70 players
  • Winner of each night is automatic bounty the following week gets bonus 5,000
  • Knock bounty out to gain 10,000, bounty makes final table him /her gains 10,000
  • To play in the Grand final players must play 4 games per season per 1 venue per year


  • No extra chips will be taken for bringing a new player
  • chip up cards must be redeemed by end of 1st set of blinds
  • No bonus rounds, No Lucky Draws, No Nuts table
  • Top 32 make points 70 players or more, Top 9 make final table
  • World Pro Poker's rule on raising as long as it's double the blind it's ok e.g. blinds are 1,000 & 2,000 to raise it must be 4,000 min or over. Re-raising, e.g. if raise is 5,000 (double the bet) must raise 10,000 min or over and so on, a player can call a previous all in
  • Players will be banned for cheating at an event
  • Zero tolerance will be accepted for violence, continued swearing or sexual harassment, or any abuse to another player 2 ban suspensions are the process, 1st offence will be a ban for 3 months 2nd offence 6 months, 3rd offence life ban


  • Don’t show players your hand if others are still playing
  • Verbalise your bets, verbal bets stand, unless pushing all in
  • Place the cards & dealer button in front of the dealer after hand is dealt
  • Players must show cards at the showdown, if a player calls the hand
  • No talking in other languages during play, no heavy swearing
  • No phones on table whilst player in the hand
  • No checking down
  • No String betting
  • No straddling
  • No rabbitting
  • If your hand is mucked you can’t get your cards back
  • No look betting is not allowed, a player must look at both cards before a betting
  • No passing chips to each other
  • Any tampering of cards is illegal 
  • Player cannot STRADDLE, STRING or go in blind before seeing their cards with their hand 
  • players must not show cards to another player while a hand is in motion 
  • Pre-flop, player must call  at least double the blind if big blind has been exceeded e.g.: blinds are 20,000-40,000, player goes all in for 60,000 next player must call 80,000 to play then a side pot is created, after flop player may call the pot...
  • If cards have been dealt & a player is not at the table his/her hand shall be deemed mucked when its their turn to act, NOT BEFORE, only the dealer is permitted to muck hand
  • when the TD has been notified about a player missing from table they will have 15 minutes to return or the chips will be removed from table, 15 Minutes time starts as soon as the TD has been instructed
  • Players are not permitted to go for smoke break while they are in points
  • Meals bonus must be redeemed before player sits down & plays the event, chip up card must be redeemed before 1st set of blinds
  • WPP reserves the right to ban any player at any time without notice, for any misconduct towards other players & TDs or staff of venues or in any way their conduct harms the league or any venues run by wpp, banned player will not be permitted to play at any of wpp main events or venue, even if the player has qualified for any major event he/she will not be permitted to play in that event while they are banned.
  • If anyone sees another player break these rules tell your TD immediately
  • Each player will get one warning, if any of these rules are repeated the TD can & will remove the player from the game, NO REFUNDS