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Published on 06 January 2013 Hits: 29525

Welcome to the New World Pro Poker Web Site.  We have been busy to make the World Pro Poker experience better.  One of the more obvious changes you may have noticed is the new Web site. 

We have also developed a new Tournament registration system to help reduce those lines at events.  Unfortunately this will require all players to fill in new registration forms and replace the old Blue WPP cards with new metallic looking cards.  This will also mean you will be given new registration numbers however this will only slow things down for a week or so.

Then you will be able to see at a glance on the World Pro Poker website the Top 10 Players, By Points, Percentage, Most final Tables, and Most Wins.  

Also check out the New World News and Poker Strategy area.

We look forward to seeing you at the tables.

World Pro Poker