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Welcome to WPP/World Pro Poker,

We are the deep stack professionals.

WPP has always been committed to great customer service;

Everything we do is designed to make the poker player feel comfortable within their surrounds.

That’s why we’re continuing to grow our network of venues,

As well as adding great staff to assist you throughout your tournament.

Recently we’ve taken this commitment to the next level through the establishment of people feedback.

So when you play at any WPP venue you can rest assured you’re always getting great service.

It’s just another example of how WPP works for you.

WPP's aim is to be the best by constantly improving the service we provide others,

WPP's success depends on total customer satisfaction


Contact WPP management via

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Face book (search Tony Pugliese or World Pro Poker)

Telephone NUTS 0405985812, PUGS 0402184444